5 Slide Series

Monthly 5 Slide Series

Our 5 Slide Series is a monthly publication whereby we briefly discuss/address a selected topic. This series provides us the opportunity to “see something and say something” outside the confines of our client engagements. We strive to create new information in each edition – through our own data tabulations and/or through conveying our ideas and opinions.

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Date Topic Presentation Link
Jun 2017
Preserving Medicaid and Reducing the Program's Spending
May 2017
MCOs' Growing Role in the Medicaid Pharmacy Arena: Trends from 2013-2016
Apr 2017
Medicaid MCO Financial Performance Overview 2015
Mar 2017
Progression of Medicaid Spending from 2012-2016
Feb 2017
Progression of Health Spending in USA Across 2006-2016: Overall, Medicaid, Medicare and Private Sector
Jan 2017
Medicaid Prescription Drug Use and Spending by Price Category, 2013 - 2016
Dec 2016
Medicaid Prescription Drug Volume and Cost Trends Q1 2015- Q2 2016
Nov 2016
Correctional Health: State Prison Inmate Health Costs and Strategies to Improve Re-entry
Oct 2016
Price Progression of Largest Dollar Volume Medicaid Prescription Drugs
Sep 2016
Current Medicare Advantage Enrollment Penetration: State and County-Level Tabulations
Aug 2016
MCO Procurements: Medicaid Agency Best Practices and Not-So-Best Practices
May 2016
Prescription Drug Spending in State Medicaid Programs, Employee Health Plans, and State Prisons
Apr 2016
Removing the Medicare Advantage Program’s Key Disadvantages – Guidance From the Health Policy Cows
Mar 2016
Publicly Traded Health Insurance Companies: Financial Performance Across 2012-2015
Feb 2016
Share of Prescriptions by State and Major Payer
Jan 2016
Medicaid Pharmacy Costs and Usage Trends
Dec 2015
Medicaid MCO-Provider Price Negotiations
Nov 2015
Progression of Medicaid Costs and Usage of Selected Hepatitis C Medications: Sovaldi, Harvoni, and ViekiraPak
Oct 2015
Medicaid Expansion - Enrollment Stream From January 2014 Forward
Sep 2015
Use of Medicaid MCO Capitation by State - Projections for 2016