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Volume 109

COVID-19 Deaths Across Time: Comparison of US Deaths in 2022 with Previous Years, by Age and Race Cohort

• Monthly COVID deaths averaged approximately 42,000 during 2020, 39,000 during 2021, and a much lower (but still concerning) 23,000 during 2022.

• Across the entirety of the pandemic, the USA has experienced 1.36 million “excess deaths” (beyond those expected if the 2019 death rate had continued to occur). We continue to experience an unusually high volume of overall deaths during 2022. During each year of the pandemic, COVID-attributed deaths have not fully accounted for all excess deaths.

• The age distribution of COVID deaths has fluctuated. Persons 65+ accounted for 81% of COVID deaths during 2020, 69% during 2021, and 78% during 2022.

• A person age 85+ is 740 times more likely to die from COVID during 2022 than a person below age 30.

• During 2020, the Black death rate (COVID deaths per population) was 17% above the White rate. This has since reversed – during 2022 the White death rate is 32% above the Black death rate.

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