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Data Analytics and Products

Thorough and objective data analysis is the foundation of effective decision-making. We assist organizations in making optimal use of their own data, and we also invest heavily in creating our own data sets to support our client work.

We work with our clients to quantify and track health disparities, identify accomplishments and improvement opportunities, evaluate prior initiatives, and better target care coordination activities.  We help put MCOs existing data to optimal use and help MCOs strengthen their data capture capabilities in areas such as social determinants of health.

Our in-house databases consolidate information on MCO quality and financial performance, Medicaid prescription drug usage and costs, and Medicaid enrollment.

Using this expertise, our Data Practice has assisted clients with:

  • Modeling the impact of new and proposed policy or program changes
  • Analyzing data to create pilot programs and measure their impacts
  • Estimating costs and savings from the implementation of new programs
  • Performing competitor health plan financial analyses
  • Benchmarking performance in areas such as prescription drug utilization and costs or quality performance
  • Identifying opportunities for cost savings from operational improvements
  • Highlighting achievements in operations
  • Identifying and analyzing health disparities to support our clients in developing new targeted initiatives

We work with our clients to design these data analysis models and ensure our clients are receiving maximum benefit from our work. Our unique approach uses multiple data sources, including our own proprietary datasets, which enables us to identify areas in which our clients can improve in operations and better market their achievements and operational successes.

We are a national leader in analyzing Medicaid prescription drug costs, usage, and trends. The Menges Group has developed a database using multiple publicly available sources so that Medicaid prescription drug costs and usage can be analyzed at the national drug code (NDC) and therapeutic class level with various filters.

The Reports section of our website includes several examples of the work we have conducted in this arena. Examples of our work include:

  • Quantifying net Medicaid costs per prescription across states using different approaches to managing the Medicaid drug benefit.
  • Assessing the impacts of states switching from a Medicaid MCO “carve-in” to a “carve-out” model.
  • Assessing the net cost differences between states that provide MCOs with wide latitude in managing the mix of drugs, relative to requiring all MCOs to use the same preferred drug list (PDL).
  • Assessing trends in Medicaid prescription usage and costs during the COVID pandemic.
  • Assessing the challenges and opportunities with regard to medication adherence in the Medicaid arena
  • Quantifying the progression of price differentials between medications in the same drug class, such as the curative Hepatitis C medications.
“Your work has been phenomenal – exactly what we were hoping for when we envisioned this project.”
“I want to thank you again - not only has your team been a pleasure to work with but you have pulled off a Herculean feat.”
“I view the data analytics you have provided to be game changing.”


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