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About Us

Full-Time Staff
Years Combined Experience
Affiliated Consultants

Who We Are

The Menges Group began nationwide operation in May 2013 to provide consulting services, promoting and developing effective and efficient care coordination and other related business strategies. We support clients in the design and development of programs to optimize operations focused on high-risk populations. Our projects involve improving client/member coordinated care strategies and services and reducing health care expenditures among the high-need and vulnerable subgroups.

The Menges Group has a mission to promote the highest quality and most cost-effective strategies to delivering care to high risk, high need populations. Our specific skill sets include:

  • Bid support – develop and prepare proposals for State Medicaid health plan contracts and address other client procurement needs
  • Analytic and policy support to state clients in the re-design of publicly funded programs
  • Operational support to MCOs to better integrate behavioral health services, identify and address health disparities, and favorably impact social determinants of health dynamics
  • Designing and facilitating pilot programs that promote innovations in the industry which include alternative care models, enhanced health risk assessments, and individualized care coordination
  • Providing a “boots on the ground” team to recruit and update provider networks and to improve overall quality scores
  • Providing interim staffing for senior positions – our affiliated executive consultants have 20+ years of experience and are often called upon to provide management-level support to health plans.
  • Preparing policy papers on behalf of various trade associations, and supporting organizational efforts to compile/analyze data from their members in a manner that is useful to their collective interests
  • Facilitation and participation at Board of Directors’ level strategic planning and executive team meetings
  • Assisting various providers in their MCO contracting and price negotiation strategies
  • Quantitative data analysis and reporting to support coordinated care initiatives and other value-added operations

Our clients range from small community-based organizations to Fortune 100 companies. The Menges Group’s public reports can be downloaded on the Publications page of this website.

Our Team

The Menges Group is a team of experienced healthcare consultants that share a strong and compassionate commitment to improving the well-being of high-risk, high-need populations. We benefit from a diverse staff equipped with a wide spectrum of skills to support the development and improvement of coordinated care programs. Our team excels at coming together to develop winning bids and compelling analyses and evidence-based reports to help our clientele succeed. In addition to our full-time staff, our experienced Affiliated Executive Consultants are often called upon to provide management-level support to health plans. Together, we are committed to providing the optimal team based on the unique needs of each opportunity to produce exceptional work for our clients.

Company Culture

At The Menges Group, we have developed a unique culture that is collaborative and supportive to help our employees provide excellent work for our clientele. We place a strong emphasis on fostering a collaborative decision making environment where everyone’s opinions are valued, and efforts are rewarded. Additionally, because of the challenging nature of our work, we emphasize a fun and playful office environment that allows our employees to prosper and brings the best out of each other.

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