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Business Development Strategy
and Proposal Support

We regularly provide business development strategy and proposal support to help our health plan clients win new medical, dental, LTSS, behavioral health, foster care, and other specialty contracts. The scoring difference between the last winner and the first loser can be minuscule, so we strive to optimize every inch of these massive proposals. We identify strategic priorities and design innovative solutions and approaches that position the plan to serve as an exceptional partner to the Medicaid agency.

Prior to proposal release: Our support for the proposal process begins prior to issuance of the proposal. Whether we are helping an incumbent retain their contract or a plan striving to enter a new market or develop a new line of business, our team partners with plans to ensure they are prepared to submit a successful proposal. We work with our clients to evaluate upcoming procurement opportunities, identify strategic opportunities and programmatic gaps, optimally compile and analyze data, and develop solutions that can position the plan for a successful proposal. These solutions may include reconfiguration of existing operations, design and implementation of new models of care, or partnerships with community organizations or subcontractors.

Upon proposal release: Our team can write and edit all technical and business areas of the proposal. Working closely with plan subject matter experts and leadership, our team combines strategic support and technical expertise with professional writing skills to deliver a high-scoring and winning response. We also support plans with the proposal finalization and production efforts. In addition, we have experience developing and reviewing price proposals.

The quality of a bid is dependent on the features of the offer, how well the proposal is crafted, and how well it is reviewed. We offer our clients exceptional review and mock scoring services. In addition to providing ongoing review support, we often simulate the “fresh eyes” perspective of a state evaluator. We combine this mock scoring with direct, actionable, and specific feedback on how the plan can adjust or add to their response to score as favorably as possible.

Upon proposal award: We are available to assist clients in preparing for any potential protests through scoring analysis and a review of submitted proposals to evaluate protest strategies that may be used. Once the contract has been signed, we also provide readiness review assistance and operational support for implementation, including project management, technical assistance, and preparation and review of readiness documents and presentations.

We provide a spectrum of procurement support services tailored to client needs. To support clients in winning new contract awards, our services include:

  • Supporting the strategic work prior to an RFP release to optimally position a health plan
  • Strategizing around commitments and innovations for new contract periods
  • Compiling data to quantify accomplishments and to shape innovation opportunities
  • Delivering project management prior to the RFP release and during the RFP process
  • Writing support and content development for RFP responses
  • Review and mock scoring of drafts
  • Packaging, production, and finalization of RFPs
  • Providing RFP Protest support
  • Conducting RFP writer and business development training and workshops

To support clients in procuring vendor contracts, such as PBM and other partnerships, our services include:

  • Drafting of RFPs
  • Reviewing and scoring proposals received
  • Drafting responses to bidder questions

Since 2019, the scoring outcomes for all the Medicaid MCO bids we have supported are divided as follows:

Contract Award Notification Earned:  82%

First Place:  41%

Second Place:  32%

“We could not have done it without each of you. While we could have responded well, you guys made our response more than competitive. We so appreciate all of your hard work!”
“You’ve been an essential part of our team. We couldn’t have achieved this growth without you guys.”
“Your edits and suggestions were very well received, and turnaround was impressive. Next time around we will likely bring you in much earlier in the process.”
“You guys are the best, as always. Thank you for stepping up. Lots of people here were impressed with the new ideas and superb effort.”
“You are passionate about what you do. At multiple points in time, it seemed that your team cared more about us winning this bid than our staff did.”
“Thank you for your leadership, patience, compassion, endurance, skill and simple kindness in taking on major portions of our proposal. I have been incredibly impressed with your ability to manage a wide swath of this bid, handle the variety of personalities involved, stay on the aggressive timeline we have in front of us and still smile. You have single handedly given me great confidence that we will submit a winning bid, and I have huge respect for you and your style.”
“A quick note to recognize you for the job well done supporting the pilot project. Your professionalism, diligence, and attention to detail positioned us to be where we are today. Thank you and hope to work with you again!”
“I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed our relationship! You both have been great to work with and true partners in every sense of the word – we couldn’t have done it without you, and I know it wasn’t always easy due to the demands we put on your time and talent."
"Your ideas and content enhancements have helped us win Medicaid awards, but also additional contracts you weren’t even involved in. For example, we were just awarded a commercial contract to serve 700,000 lives using much of the collateral you helped us create."
"Thank you for your tireless work and support on this bid. We appreciate you so much and know that we couldn’t have done it without you. It’s the best possible outcome and we are thrilled."

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