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5 Slide Series

Volume 92-d

COVID Cases, Deaths, Mortality, and Vaccines

This edition of our 5 Slide Series compares the first 6 months of the COVID pandemic with the second 6 months in terms of cases, deaths, and mortality rates at a state level. The US reported a 410% increase in cases and a 91% increase in COVID-attributed deaths during the second 6 months of the pandemic. The national COVID mortality rate decreased from 3.52% during the first 6 months to 1.32% during the second 6 months. If the mortality rate had remained at 3.52%, the US would have experienced approximately 467,178 more deaths to date.

As of January 27, more than 24.5 million doses of the COVID vaccine have been administered. There was a 53.6% increase in administered doses of the COVID Vaccine during this past week (January 21 – 27) versus the previous week (January 14 – 20).

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