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Volume 91-a

COVID Tabulations: Monthly COVID Death and Case Progression by State

Key findings from this edition, which tabulates monthly cases and deaths by state, are summarized below:

  • We expect that more COVID deaths will occur in December than in any prior month in the US overall and in 33 states.  December’s new COVID cases are at record highs nationally and in 35 states.
  • The 3,400 new COVID deaths reported on December 16, are nearly 200 above the next-highest day the US has experienced to date.
  • One positive development is that the percentage of monthly new cases resulting in death is far lower in more recent months (approximately 1%) than was the case during April and May (approximately 6%).
  • Multiple points of research, including data we present herein, compellingly demonstrate that overall deaths in the USA during 2020 are far higher than occurred during 2019. 
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