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5 Slide Series

Volume 93-c

Regional Comparisons of COVID Cases and Deaths; Updated Vaccine Counts

This edition conveys some relatively positive news including that daily new cases are down more than two-thirds (68%) since January 12, and the 7-day rolling average for new daily cases has now fallen for 36 straight days. 

In addition, this edition assesses case trends by grouping the US into four regions (Midwest, Northeast, South, and West). Both the Midwest and the South have experienced at least two-thirds of their COVID deaths to date since October 1, while in the Northeast 41% of its deaths occurred during this timeframe.  Also, more than 66% of all confirmed cases so far have occurred since October 1, compared to 26% prior to June 15 and 8% from June 16 – September 30.

Finally, we provide a weekly update of vaccinations. This week, states administered 9.3 million vaccine doses, which is about 20% lower than last week’s total.

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