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5 Slide Series

Volume 96-a

Weekly Trends in COVID Cases, Deaths, and Vaccinations; Total Vaccinations at County, State, and National Level

This edition provides a weekly update of COVID cases, deaths, and vaccinations, including county, state, and national views of vaccinations. As of this week, the U.S. has now given roughly 250 million COVID vaccine doses. 44.5% of the population is now vaccinated with at least one dose and 32% is now fully vaccinated, including 83% of seniors receiving at least one dose and 70% receiving full vaccinations. We provide a week-over-week view of vaccination rates by state, as well as a series of county-level maps that shows the variation in vaccination uptake across the country.

There is concerning news, however, as the national daily vaccination rate has slowed in recent weeks. The 7-day average daily rate is now fewer than 2 million doses a day– roughly where it was in late February. Over the past week from April 27-May 3, total weekly vaccinations across all states and D.C., declined 30% compared to the prior week’s (April 20-April 26) total. All but two states have reported week-over-week decreases in total vaccinations administered.

Despite a slowdown in the rate of new daily vaccinations, new daily COVID cases and deaths continue to trend downward. The average rate of new daily reported cases has fallen below 50,000 so far in May– the lowest level since early October 2020. Cases over the past week fell by 21.5% compared to the prior week’s (April 20-April 26) total. All but four states have reported week-over-week decreases in case counts. In addition, new daily COVID deaths are roughly 80% below their January peak, trending at roughly 600-700 deaths per day for the past month.

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