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Tag: Medicaid

5-Slide Series

This edition of our 5-slide series portrays dual eligible demographics, showing the number of duals in each state broken out between full duals and partial duals. We also show the percentage mix of duals in each state by gender and by age (65+ vs. under-65), and the rate of increase in the number of duals in each state between 2005 and 2010.

5-Slide Series

This edition provides demographic and cost information in children in foster care state by state along with nationwide totals. On average during 2010, 885,000 foster children were covered by Medicaid. Average Medicaid costs per foster child were $6,476 in 2010, ranging from a low of $3,217 in Washington State to a high of $20,084 in Vermont. Eighteen percent of national Medicaid spending on foster children was paid via capitation to health plans during 2010.

5-Slide Series

This edition of the 5-Slide Series presents the evolution of the capitation model in Medicaid.


This study explores how more efficient pharmacy benefits management—apart from drug manufacturer rebates—could save Medicaid an additional $74.4 billion over the next decade. These savings opportunities are compelling as the federal government and states strive to protect benefits and prepare for the Medicaid expansion authorized by the Affordable Care Act starting in 2014.

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